Kilkenny Slam Poets

For the last school term, year 6 and 7 students from Kilkenny Primary school have had fun taking part in a trial program using the Centre of Democracy as a HASS and Civics and Citizenship resource. We have designed bingo games, democracy walks, quiz’s, and more.

Here is a selection of Slam Poems written by students in a  short lesson as part of this trial program.



There’s a kid walking down the street

He looks in a house to a loving family

All he sees are white people, no multicultural families on the street around him

All he can think is why are there not any other families

He can only think of joining a community that makes him feel at home, never not alone

by Jaidon & Zane


Equal right’s some rights

Speak up for another

And have some fun

Make rights equal for everyone

Freedom is for everyone

Vote for your rights

And become one

by Emily, Thejal, Aniqa & Gracie



Don’t think someone is different if they have a different skin colour

Don’t bully someone just if they have a different skin colour

Stop racism, don’t tell bad stuff to other people who are a different race

by Udy & Karamir



We need to reunite to fight for our rights.

We’ll use our voices to make our choices

Human survival is not our rival

by Lucy, Emma, Moya & Lilly


Great work Kilkenny students!