A silver plate with pinched edges all around.

Working women

This commemorative plate was awarded to the Working Women’s Standing Committee for Best Union Float in March 1988.

During the five years following the formation of the United Trades and Labor Council of South Australia, none of the increasing affiliated unions had women members and there was virtually no industrial organisation amongst women workers.

The climate of social change that had reformed labour relations was impacting on women. Increasingly women were entering the paid workforce. As a result the Working Women’s Trades Union was formed in March 1890.

The Working Women’s Standing Committee was established  1983 by a group of women involved with two South Australian Institutions – the Working Women’s Centre and the United Trades & Labor Council (now SA Unions). Its role was to address issues that women face in the workforce, including parental and maternity leave.

History Trust of South Australia, HT 2014.938