Tuesday Afternoon Group

The Tuesday Afternoon Group was started in 1972. It was open to all women. Its purpose was to support older feminists and the issues they faced that often differed from young feminists. The women lobbied for older women’s housing and shelters, went away on weekend camps together, and interacted socially and well as politically.

Connie Frazer (1925-2002), local activist and Tuesday Afternoon Group attendee, remembers her first contact with the Women’s Liberation Movement in the late 1960s. She saw a politician on TV warning people of the alleged dangers of sex education leaflets. Her son told her about a women’s liberation meeting, which she attended. With many other women, she went on to rent a premises at Bloor Court in the early 1970s, which housed the organised women’s liberation movement for many years.

State Library of South Australia, PRG 1491/24/9