This how to vote card has a small thumbnail photograph on Tom Playford in the top left corner. Tom is aged about 50 years old here and has thinning hair. The photo is taken from his shoulders up. The rest of the document lists LCL party promises in a deep blue text. The pamphlet has aged as in yellow in colour.

South Australia’s longest serving premier

Sir Thomas Playford was Premier from 1938 to 1965, the longest serving premier in South Australia. Playford’s policies promoted cheap electricity and minimal taxes to make South Australia attractive to industrial investment. He is well known for social investment, including the development of the South Australian Housing Trust. As premier, he increased its funding, realising that cheap housing was vital for industrial growth and would help to keep workers in the State.

This how to vote card is from the 1962 state election and depicts Playford as leader of the Liberal Party.

State Library of South Australia ELECT S 1962