A petition, approximately A4 in size. It is addressed in the top right corner to Henry Ayers with a short statement that follows about why. From one third the way down there is two columns with signatures.

Nomination by petitioners

Henry Ayers was a prominent figure in South Australian politics for almost 36 years. He was seven times Premier, eleven times a cabinet minister and for twelve years President of the Legislative Council.

On 9 March 1857 Ayers entered the first Legislative Council under the newly established responsible government. He was the youngest member elected at 35 years old.

His obituary in the Australiasian on Saturday 19 June 1897 suggests ‘His death severs a link with the remote past, and the early days of South Australia, for over 36 years Sir Henry was a conspicuous figure in the Legislature’

Ayers represented the electors of the Division of Burra and Clare. This petition from 1857 asks him to consider nomination to the Legislative Council.

History Trust of South Australia, HT 2006.907