A small white teacup and saucer with the coat of arms for Adelaide City Council on the front.

A coat of arms

The Coat of Arms of Adelaide was granted by the Herald’s College on 20 April 1929.

The top left quarter of the shield shows a three masted ship in full sail. The ship represents the importance of commerce to the City and is a reminder of the form of transport of the early settlers from Great Britain to South Australia. The top right quarter shows a golden fleece and represents the sheep farming interest and the wool trade. The lower left quarter shows a bull’s head and represents the cattle interests. The lower right quarter shows the golden wheatsheaf in full ear. It represents the extensive agricultural interests of the city.

The phrase in Latin Ut Prosint Omnibus Conjuncti translates to ‘united for the common good’.


History Trust of South Australia, HT 2017.1109