A cream and red invidiation DL sized. There is a red cross at the top and in the centre red block text that reads Banquet Town Hall.

Federal conventions

The second National Australasian Convention met three times during 1897 and 1898 in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. The convention comprised elected and appointed representatives from all Australian colonies except Queensland. New Zealand and Fiji were part of the early discussions but decided not to federate.

One of the most significant changes made to the draft constitution during these conventions was that senators would be directly elected by the people of each state voting as a single electorate, rather than, as originally suggested, being selected by the state parliaments. The new draft also established the size of the two houses, so that the House of Representatives would be roughly twice the size of the Senate.

Celebrations, events, and performances were held during the Conventions. This entrée card is from a banquet held at Melbourne Town Hall.

History Trust of South Australia, HT 2004.920